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Sponsors of The Phil Valentine Show

Without these fine sponsors we would not be on the air.   It's that simple.  These businesses believe in our product and we believe in them. Please patronize them and show them how much you appreciate their support of our show.


  • Accurate Mortgage - 615-833-0456,
    "After all this bank debacle and mortgage meltdown I'm doing my best to deal with local banks. Accurate Mortgage is locally owned and operated and they've never taken a dime of government money. And these big banks that have taken the money have to jump through all sorts of hoops. That means they sometimes take months to close your loan. Accurate Mortgage will close your loan in 3-4 weeks if there aren't any major complications which means you can start saving money sooner. And they always have the most competitive rates and fees.  Not just for refinancing, Accurate Mortgage is a full-service new loan company.  Get pre-qualified with them before you start shopping for a house and you're in the driver's seat."


  • Diamond Gusset Jeans -
    "By now you've heard just how passionate I am about Diamond Gusset Jeans. I wear them practically every day. In fact, the Diamond Gusset jeans have become somewhat of a calling card for me. Actually had a guy recognize me standing in line at the movie theater by seeing the Diamond Gusset logo on the back of my jeans! (Kinda scary) Most of the brand-name jeans are now made in China. David Hall over at Diamond Gusset tells me he'll close up shop before he'll move his manufacturing to China. Everything that goes into making these jeans is made right here in America. It's more than a pair of jeans, it's a movement. And remember, don't you buy any commie jeans. Make sure they're Diamond Gusset jeans, born and worn in the USA." 


  • Dr. Gill Center for Back, Neck and chronic Pain Relief - 615-794-0800,
    "I don't mind telling you, I've had chronic lower back pain since I was a child. Or, should I say 'had." I went to Dr. Gill and he put me through spinal decompression. Now I just do the simple stretches in the morning and I'm feeling 100 percent better. No more nagging back pain. They have a customized treatment plan just for you. The plans are very affordable and covered by most insurance plans. If you want to stop the back pain, this is where you go to do it."


  • Dr. Steven Park and Dr. Steve Poss - 615-373-1056, and 
    "Dr. Poss has teamed up with Dr. Steven Park. Dr. Park got his training and degree at Columbia University in New York City. He was a dental professor at Harvard. They now offer same day smiles with no prior surgical visits. It's amazing technology. And if you have snoring issues Dr. Poss can solve the problem with a simple oral appliance made specifically for you. He's a Diplomat for The American Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders and he has the latest 3D technology to treat sleep apnea. Their office also does routine cleanings so call them about that, too." 


  • Double Guns of Nashville -

  • "If you're looking for one-of-a-kind rifles and shotguns you can't find anywhere else, this is your place. Names like Krieghoff and Zoli. Terry Hetrick is a first class competition skeet shooting teacher and can teach your whole family how to skeet shoot. Terry's taught me and it's so much fun. Call him directly about his shooting school at 615-651-4690."

  • Genesis Diamonds -
    "I'm proud to say that I've literally been with Genesis Diamonds from the beginning.  I walked through the Green Hills showroom as they were first starting to build it and got to know the owner, Boaz Ramon.  What a wealth of knowledge this guy is.  And no one can beat their price, their quality, their selection or their guarantees.  People drive from all over to shop at their two locations in Green Hills and Cool Springs."


  • Highland Rim Tractor - 615-859-5037 -
    "I have to say I LOVE my Mahindra Tractor I got from Highland Rim. Mahindra is the #1 selling tractor in the world and I can see why. Each tractor goes through an impressive 51-point inspection. The tractors now come with a 7-year warranty. And Highland Rim Tractor has factory-trained service personnel on staff. The same family has run Highland Rim for nearly 50 years, and they've sold Mahindra longer than anyone else in the area. Highland Rim Tractor, they're large enough to serve you, small enough to know you."

  • Johnny Fleeman Gourmet Products -
    "If you've ever eaten at Legends Restaurants or The Brass Lantern across Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama you know just how delicious food can be. Now you can take some of that great taste home with you. Johnny's honey mustard is a true southern favorite. It's made with yellow mustard rather than Dijon and it's great as a salad dressing or dipping sauce for chicken and fries. His Steak Seasoning and Marinade is perfect for burgers, steaks and chicken. And the fruit and peach tea are excellent. Check your local grocery store. The tea's available at convenient stores, too. Or, check out his website for all the great products."


  • LT360 - 615-312-8244,
    "You're probably like me, you've done a lot of 'diets' that only worked short-term, were too hard to stay on, or didn't work at all. LT360 is completely different. It's not a diet. It's a shift in the way you approach food and exercise. I found out I was killing myself at the gym and getting little in the way of results. Now I exercise smart without knocking myself out. Same for food. I eat great food but gravitate to healthy food and stay away from the bad stuff. If I can do this, anybody can."

    Nashville Safe House -
    "I was searching for a safe several years ago. You know, checking out the two or three they had at the check-out at the sporting good stores. And then I discovered Nashville Safe House. They've been in business for decades. Huge selection. Something like 150 safes on their showroom floor. Over 500 in stock. All the big names too. I said, 'We gotta tell everybody about you guys.' And so we are. Looking for a safe? There IS no other place but Nashville Safe House. Period."


  • Precision Air - 615-834-3777,
    "As you well know, I'm no dirt person but I think geothermal is a great idea.  The thing is, a lot of people assume you have to be rich to afford it.  Not true.  Precision Air has been doing geothermal longer than anyone in the area and they can show you how you can finance the entire thing and with your energy savings have a positive cash flow from day one.  They also do conventional HVAC work so give them a call."


  • Paul Winkler, Inc. - (615) 851-1959, Paul
    "I went to Paul Winkler because I wasn't happy with the way my 401(k) was performing. I thought they'd just 'fix it' and I'd go home. Not so fast. Paul wanted to make sure I understood why my investments were underperforming. I had a mixture of 21 mutual funds and Paul showed me how most of them owned the same stocks. He made me an educated investor which gave me more confidence. Now I get it. I don't worry and my investments are now working as they should."


  • United Structural Systems (USS) - 615-227-2275,
    "These folks are the foundation repair and waterproofing experts. They've been doing this since 1994 and they have over 6,500 satisfied residential customers. They came out to a house we used to live in because I had some doors sticking and cracks in the drywall. They went over the house top to bottom and determined it was ordinary house settling. They recommended doing nothing and allowing the house to continue to settle naturally. That's honesty! And the estimate is free!  If you think you have a foundation problem or if you have moisture in your basement or crawlspace these are the folks to call."


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