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Johnny B

Johnny B

Johnny B is the long-time producer of The Phil Valentine Show. He was born on the Fourth of July in Wichita, Kansas to a mother and father who were singers and broadcasters. In fact, his mother recorded for Decca records at one time.  It was not uncommon for someone like Jimmy Dean or Roy Clark to be a guest in their home. Johnny started at his father's country station in 1975 and it was that experience that actually brought him to Nashville in 1977. Because of his love of music from people like Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe and Gary Stewart, he wanted to be in the town that made these guys stars as Johnny was also doing the hillbilly country rocker thing himself on the road.

Johnny has called Nashville home ever since, except for two years in Birmingham and 6 months in Denver ("couldn't stand the winter").  Johnny met up with Phil Valentine in 1993 which led to the two working together.  Over the years they have won many awards and made many friends together.

Some of Johnny's other career milestones include his work in music with stars like Johnny Paycheck, Roy Clark, Connie Smith, Lorrie Morgan, David Allan Coe and Bobby Bare.  He released a couple of records in the 1980s that received a lot of airplay in the south. His first real radio success happened in Birmingham, Alabama, where his midday show garnered big numbers in the ratings.

Johnny, whose real name is John Bozeman, has two sons, John Ryan in Wichita and Alex who lives near his dad. Both show no interest in radio but are great guitarists.


Johnny's father was inducted into the Country Radio Broadcaster's Hall Of Fame in 2004 (he passed away on October 11, 2003). His mother passed away on May 17, 1974 after drowning in Houston, Texas. He has two sisters, Janet and Peggy. Johnny has had a very colorful life, hanging out with cowboys, hippies, bikers, rich people, poor people, good ol' boys and girls, politicians, radio and music folks. It appears he can pretty much get along with about anybody. 


Johnny and his wife, Glenna, live on their farm just outside of Nashville.

Johnny B in the Bahamas

Johnny B on stage - 1987

Johnny B and sons, John (left) and Alex

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