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As heard on The Phil Valentine Show


Re: Global warming indoctrination




I have listened to your show for years now. However, I have never had the guts to actually call and speak with you. Finally, after getting into countless Facebook comment wars with friends of mine over "global warming," I've decided to join Twitter just so I can read the hilarious jokes people pass off as legitimate arguments and then read your crushing responses full of facts. I am 22 and so you can only imagine the friends I've been arguing with; 22-year-olds freshly brainwashed by the liberal college of their choosing. You are doing every person in this country with a brain a great service by speaking the truth...keep it up! I will continue listening to your show as often as possible and for as long as possible. Maybe one day they will realize we were the ones who actually knew the truth and stop spewing lies which were handfed to them.....Then again, it's hard to convince a liberal of anything. We all saw that in your movie at the Al Gore book signing. Lol :) Thanks for all the work you do. I may have been one of those brainwashed kids if not for you.






Phil's response:




I appreciate your having an open mind. That's my primary point in all of this. Challenge everything. Find the truth for yourself. Anyone seriously researching the subject of global warming will quickly realize one thing. The folks pushing this theory have absolutely no proof. It's the antithesis of science. Everything they believe is theory. In fact, the proof shows them otherwise yet they plod forward with their beliefs. I'm glad you've realized at such an early age that science is about proof, not theory, not climate models, not what we 'think' is happening. That will take you far in life.



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