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"Jessica's" e-mail to Phil


Subject: You Stupid, Racist, Tea-Bagger!


This is a long letter, and I know you're a busy man so you may not read the whole thing, if at all. And I understand if that's the case. But I am in so much distress over this and I need someone to help me rationalize it all and help me find the strength to endure. And I need someone to help me spread my message as well as strengthen it. If you can just give me your time and moral support, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I am a young black woman and a conservative attending a major university which shall remain unnamed because I would hate to discredit them in revealing how utterly socialist the professors are and how intolerant they are of conservatives. I was in a class with a professor who is blatantly and shamelessly liberal ("Flaming Libs" my friends and I call them, a play on the band named "Flaming Lips"). It was before class and a friend and I were discussing the Tea Parties. We were talking about how we wished we could attend the one in DC. The professor entered and overheard what we were saying. Her response was "You want to go slap around those stupid racist bible-thumping white conservatives tea-baggers too?" 

"No," I said, "I actually wanted to join them. I support the tea-party movement, I believe in the cause." 

"So you're a racist?" She asked. Remember, I am black... she's a middle-aged white woman that is 1/8 Hispanic so she claims to be a "wise latina" like Sotomayer. Though she's paler than you, Phil. But she wasn't about to let me discuss the REAL politics of the Tea Party. 

"No, I don't hate people of other races." I replied. "And it's not about race. It's..." 

She stopped me short "Well, maybe you're not a racist. You're probably just a self-loathing black person. Why do you hate your own people?" 

"But I..." 

She interrupted me again, "Or you're probably just part black.Why do you hate black people?" 

"I don't hate black people! My parents are black! My siblings are black! Many of my friends are black! I'm black! Why would you say I hate black people?" 

"Because you support the tea party. Maybe you just don't know any better. Do you even know what those stupid racist Tea Parties are about? The tea party is against Obama. It's all about racism, it's against black people." 

I tried to explain to her that the Tea Party has a large and varied racial distribution, closely resembling the actual racial distribution of the United States' populations. How there are actual Obama voters and registered democrats involved. And how I supported their true cause and how I was against Obama and Congress's massive and unfair taxes, and their strong-arming us into their extremely biased, unconstitutional, and dangerous/destructive agenda. 

She responded: "Well I'm sure that's what your trophy-hunter boyfriend and all the racist liars on Fox News and talk radio tell you (My "boyfriend"/fiancee is a white conservative, "trophy-hunter" is a slang term used for white men who date women of various races just for show). But the tea party is about racism and hate. They say it's taxes, but they just hate that the president is black. It's all rich white people that want to keep the poor in poverty and keep themselves rich. They hate Obama because he's black, and they hate liberals because they want to help black people. I'm I'm sure they'd love to have you there so you can be another Uncle Tom for them, so they can show people 'Oh, we're not racist! Look! We have a black person we lied to so they'd come with is!' You'll be just like Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes and all the other black people who don't pick cotton, but are still slaves to racist white politicians." 

Afterwards, a group of black thug types in the back of the room began to shout at me. They called me "Uncle Tom" and then modified it to "Auntie Tom". They called me a "Female Sambo" and told me to "go on and join them haters and shuck and jive for them white folks". The professor wouldn't stop them, and the rest of the class joined in. No one would come to my aide. In a class of over thirty students, I and my friend were the only conservatives and she is very timid. I tried briefly to defend myself. But even though I was more educated and eloquent than the black antagonists and other belligerent students, and more informed than the professor... I was outnumbered. They talked over me, interrupted me, and ganged up on me... a common liberal tactic. Furthermore, when I began to speak up and tried ever-so-slightly to insert my opinions over their heckling, a few students began making comments alluding to physical violence. The professor overlooked this as well! In tears, I left the class room and my friend followed, the only one to console me. I felt verbally and emotionally brutalized because of my beliefs, and I was faced with threats of actual phsyical brutalization... After the class, I got in touch with three students who I knew had electronic recorders who use them for notes. When I asked them if I could get a copy of the recordings, all of them mysteriously had just so happened to have"accidentally" erased them. When I asked a few of my classmates if they would be willing to give a statement to a campus official about the event, they all denied it ever happened. Some. My friend is my only witness. 

In my first conversation with the professor's section dean, she said it was "no big deal" and I should "expect reactions like that" and she had "more important things to deal with". I have bypassed her and have been speaking with higher-up campus officials and the Dean about it, action will be taken. I don't need a bunch of attention from this, which is why I am keeping everything anonymous. But I feel I need to tell people about what is going on. People need to know how full of hate, bigotry, and intolerance these liberals are. Parents need to know about the kind of people and the political climate their children are in. Kids come to college as devout and moral conservatives and are inundated with the socialist agenda, slowly weened into communist left-wing beliefs. For many, it's the frog-boiling effect. They're put in the left-wing pot and the political heat is turned up slowly until they are boiled in utter communism. And the ones like me, who are too smart to be converted, we are virtually assaulted simply because we disagree. 

So while I choose not to be the poster-child for the cause, I still need to tell people my story. And I personally know other conservative college students who have experiences that are similar or worse. We are forming a group for those of us who have been discriminated against because of our politics (we jokingly call it a support group). People need to know what's really going on in colleges today, And people need to know the true nature of those who oppose the Tea Party movement. 

So please, Phil, abbreviate this message, chop it up, do whatever you need. But, from a 3-year listener, if you can help me tell this tale to warn others, I would be in debt to you. And for now, I and my friends would like to keep ourselves, our university, and other associated persons anonymous. Maybe once we can get more support and not risk our college careers, we can go public with our stories 

Thank you so much for your time, and just for being on Air, 
The self-loathing black conservative stupid racist tea-partier- Jessica 


Phil's response:


Thanks, Jessica. What an ordeal. Yeah, these lib professors can be brutal. As I always say, they're all about diversity except for diversity of thought. This woman is an idiot. You must understand that from the very beginning.  She obviously has no idea what she's talking about but what makes it worse is she's positive she knows everything about the tea party movement but is not willing to learn. 

If you ever find yourself in a similar discussion with her ask her which political party gave us Jim Crow laws?  Which party gave us governors standing in schoolhouse doors preventing black kids from entering?  Which party gave us the KKK?  Answer. The Democrats, the very party she clings to. Tell her as a black woman you're offended that she would stand there in front of you and defend the party of George Wallace and Bull Connor. Ask her if she knows that more Democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act than did Republicans. Ask her if she knows that conservatives give far more to charity than liberals; that they give far more volunteer time and even donate more blood than liberals. 

Ask her if she knows that the poverty rate in America is around 12 percent yet 65 percent of our federal budget goes to entitlements. Ask her if she knows that the top 10 percent of wage earners pay 73 percent of the income tax, that the bottom 47 percent pay no taxes and the bottom 40 percent not only pay no taxes they get money back from the government through the Earned Income Tax Credit. 

Ask her if she thinks we should be paying more in taxes. She'll, no doubt, say yes. Then ask her if she itemized on this year's tax return. She'll give you a puzzled look. It's a simple question.  You'll repeat, "Did you itemize?"  "In other words, did you deduct your mortgage interest, charitable contributions, business expenses and the like?" She'll say yes and then you ask her if she thinks we should be paying more in taxes why did she do everything she could to pay less?


She'll be exposed for the hypocrite she is. And hopefully the entire class will have heard the entire thing. Remember, Jessica, she can hide from the facts but she can't hide from the truth.

Good luck. 

Phil Valentine

The Phil Valentine Show


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