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Phil Valentine

Film and Television


  • Supporting role in Atlas Shrugged III: Who is John Galt

  • Supporting role in The Secret Handshake starring Kevin Sorbo

  • Writer, producer, and star of the movie An Inconsistent Truth

  • Supporting role in motion picture A Letter From Death Row starring Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Bret Michaels (from the rock group Poison)

  • Voice of "The Talk Show Host" on ABC-TV's drama Threat Matrix, Episode 107-Under The Gun starring James Denton (who went on to star in Desperate Housewives)


  • Winner of Best Documentary for An Inconsistent Truth by the Nevada Film Festival

  • Excellence in Filmmaking award for Documentary Feature from the Anthem Film Festival

  • Runner-up for Best Documentary from the Appalachian Film Festival

    Awards for Screenwriting

  • 1st Place in the Colorado Film Festival

  • Finalist in the American Movie Awards 

  • Finalist in the Atlanta Film Festival 

  • Finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival 

  • Finalist in the Las Vegas Film Festival 

  • Finalist in the Twister Alley Film Festival 

  • Finalist in the Screenplay Festival, Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Finalist in the Las Vegas Screenplay Contest

  • Finalist in the Atlas Awards from Atlas & Aeris Magazine

  • Quarter-finalist in the Nashville Film Festival 

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