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The ABCs of Reality in America

The basis for Phil Valentine's bestselling book, The Conservative's Handbook

America is good. 

Belief in God is a cornerstone of our republic. 

Character is the single most important attribute in a leader. 

Drug legalization will cripple America. 

Entrepreneurs are our economic lifeblood and deserve every penny they make. 

Families are the basic building blocks of society. 

Guns are good. 

Hyphenated labels are divisive and destructive. 

Illegal immigration is dangerous to this country. 

Junk science is behind the global warming scare. 

Killing through partial-birth abortion is murder. 

Liberalism is an ideology doomed to failure. 

Military strength deters aggression.

National security is the first responsibility of the federal government. 

Oppression should not be fueled by American capitalism. 

Political correctness is the liberal version of fascism. 

Quotas are wrong. 

Reagan was right. 

Schools are best run by local people on the local level. 

Tax rates should be flat and fair. 

Unions have outlived their usefulness. 

Vigilance is the price of freedom. 

Welfare robs people of their dignity and is the poison of capitalism. 

Xenophobia is at the root of protectionism. 

You and you alone are ultimately responsible for your own destiny. 

Zero tolerance is the only way to effectively deal with crime.

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