A lot of times we use Nashville artists for our bumper music. Many of these artists are unknown, others are well known. Most of this music you won't hear on mainstream radio...yet. We pride ourselves on being able to recognize talent. Below, you'll find some of the tunes that our Minister of Music, Johnny B, weaves into the show each day, as well as guests we've had on the show just because we like their music. You can sample their music by clicking on the CD which takes you to their web page.

If you're an artist trying to get radio play, send us your CD. If we like it, we'll feature it on the show and this music page. It doesn't matter what format as long as it's good. Make sure you send three copies (one for me to review, one for Johnny B to review and one for the studio) and send it to my attention at WTN, 10 Music Circle East, Nashville, TN 37203. Imagine that. Talk radio breaking records.

Christian Hastings Band - Get It On

This is one helluva CD. Christian and the boys mix their original tunes with some old standards like Bill Withers' Use Me and Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. It's raw and soulful. You'll feel like you're sittin' in one of those basement clubs where your feet stick to the tiles from all the spilled beer. This CD is a lot of fun!

Beeb Birtles
- Driven By Dreams

Beeb is one of the founding members of the Little River Band and responsible for their signature harmonies. One of the best examples can be found in the tune he co-wrote called Happy Anniversary Baby. Remember that one? Beeb again uses those remarkable harmonies in his solo CD, Driven By Dreams. All ten songs are a natural progression of where LRB would be today had the original members stayed together.

Curbside Wilderness

Curbside Wilderness is a Christian Rock band (and we emphasize ROCK) who moved to Nashville from the San Diego area. If you like high-energy rock 'n roll, you'll love these guys. In many cases, rockers will turn up the amps to drown out the sub-standard vocals. Not these guys. The vocals are as good as the tunes they sing. Rock on witcha bad self.

Pork Chop Kelly
- Don't Blame Me

Pork Chop (I understand she got the name when she stumped one of those weight guessers at the fair; at least that's what I was told) belts out ten tunes ranging from a slow country standard to kickin' country rock. It's good stuff from beginning to end. You'll probably recognize Hang On Hurricane as one of our favorite bumpers.



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