Welcome to my personal library. I'm often asked, "Phil, what kind of books do you read?" Now, instead of launching into some boring dissertation about my literary tastes, I direct them to my personal library. Below I've listed some great books which I highly recommend. By clicking on the book cover, you can learn more about the book, complete with reviews, and even purchase it online through Amazon.com. I also welcome your suggestions. If there's something you think I should read, let me know by clicking here. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have.

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by Ann Coulter

Ann nails it again in a book that chronicles how liberals have been wrong time and time again when it comes to foreign policy.  Has anyone ever said it was treason?  She does.


Let Freedom Ring

by Sean Hannity

From his TV show, Hannity & Colmes, to his syndicated radio show, Sean slugs liberalism in the gut and dares it to get back up.  After this book, it should be down for the count.

Dereliction of Duty
by Robert Patterson

If you want to read the true, chilling account of how derelict Clinton actually was, this is your book.  Written by a Lt. Colonel, an aide to Clinton and one of the men responsible for the nuclear football.  He saw it all.

What Color is a Conservative?

by J.C. Watts

Here's a guy who's gone against the current.  He's black and conservative and proud of it.  Watts unapologetically lays out what he stands for and why.  Former football standout, former congressman, now a best-seller.





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