The Deadly Side of Illegal Immigration

June 9, 2006


I must warn you. Before you reach the end of this column you will be incensed. If you're not, consider yourself part of the problem.


Donna and Sean Wilson were pillars of their community in Mt. Juliet, TN. They tirelessly volunteered at their church and in their community. They were givers, an increasingly rare breed in our society.


Gustavo Garcia is a taker. Apparently he took advantage of our lax borders and crossed over into America from Mexico illegally. I say “apparently” because no one can give me a straight answer. Rest assured, if he were legal he could produce some documentation to show that. The fact that authorities just don't know is an almost certain sign Garcia is illegal.


As I said, he's a taker. He takes government services. He takes advantage of the American dream, what he can remember of it through the fog of his drunkenness. On the morning of June 8, 2006 he used his SUV to take the lives of Donna and Sean Wilson. After running from police, he crashed head-on into the Wilson's car. Sean Wilson was killed instantly. Donna died a short time after arriving at the hospital.


This may sound like another tragic accident; an accident not unlike thousands of others that happen every year in this country, Garcia's illegality playing only a perfunctory role. But this one is different. You see, Gustavo Garcia had been arrested and convicted no fewer than 20 times in the courts of Nashville. These were not small offenses, either. Since 2001, Garcia had been arrested and convicted of multiple DUIs, multiple charges of driving with a revoked license, theft, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, multiple charges of leaving the scene of an injury accident and the list goes on.


The obvious question is: What was this guy doing roaming free after all these arrests and all these convictions? However, the bigger question is: How the hell was this guy allowed to stay in my country!?!


Apparently, not a single judge – knowing his criminal background – saw fit to make sure this monster was ejected from the country. That's the infuriating thing about illegal immigration. It's not just that illegals are treated indifferently these days. It's the fact that they're given preferential treatment. I know if you or I had Garcia's record we would be under the jail long prior to the death of Donna and Sean Wilson.


I asked the police spokesman if Garcia was legal. He couldn't tell me. It's not that he wouldn't tell me it's that he didn't know. Didn't know? I read all the newspaper and television accounts of story. Not one news source raised the question of Garcia's legal status. Not one! Why was I the only one in the media asking this question when it's the first thing that went through most people's minds?


It's because our news media are gutless and spineless when it comes to illegal immigration. They don't want to be labeled racists by the radical illegal alien movement so they sacrifice their journalistic integrity in order to keep quiet.


I'll tell you someone else who is gutless and spineless and that's Tennessee's governor. He claims illegal immigration is a federal problem. I can assure you if that were his wife lying in a casket because some illegal alien with a rap sheet as long as your arm got drunk, ran from police and plowed into her car it would be a state issue.


Thief, drunk, maimer, and now murderer. I guess Bush was right. Some of these illegals are doing the jobs Americans just won't do.