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Thanks for your interest in the Tennessee STATE Guard.  The STATE Guard is part of the Military Department of the state of Tennessee and is open to any Tennessee resident between the ages of 17 & 67. You don't have to be prior military but many in the guard are. Your rank is determined by your prior military rank (if any), education, civilian occupation and other factors.

The function of the Tennessee STATE Guard is to take the place of and/or assist the Tennessee National Guard if they're called up to active duty. The STATE Guard may also be called upon in the event of a disaster, attack or other emergency to aid the National Guard. You can learn more by going to the web site listed below.

The Tennessee STATE Guard meets once a month and one weekend per year.  There are many other ways to get involved and you can be as involved as you feel comfortable.  They're looking for some quality people with a desire to help out and be a part of a great team. I would love to have you join me.

Call headquarters at 615-532-9560.  Or, you can e-mail COL. G. D. Cameron at COLCameron@gmail.com .

Keep me posted on your progress and I will try to help you get any information you need and get you approved and sworn in.  If you decide to join the STATE Guard, e-mail me and let me know so I can help guide you through the process.


Phil Valentine

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