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October 2011


October 31, 2011 - Cain: Sexual harassment story is 'baseless'   Click here ; Cain's Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know   Click here ; Herman Cain tops Perry — in Texas   Click here ; Carney: Obama will ‘continue' to act ‘independently' without Congress   Click here ; Nato concludes mission in Libya... but a bad omen for the future as Al Qaeda flag flies over Benghazi   Click here ; Sexual assaults continue to plague ‘Occupy' protests   Click here

October 28, 2011 - Police In Riot Gear Remove 'Occupy SD' Protesters   Click here ; TN Gov. Bill Haslam signed off on plan to arrest Occupy Nashville protesters   Click here ; SPOOKY: US debt to surpass GDP on Halloween   Click here ; Another Obama fundraiser is investor in car company that won federal loan   Click here ; Obama Has Declared Record-Breaking 89 Disasters So Far in 2011   Click here ; Man lops off own arm with homemade guillotine  Click here

October 27, 2011 - S&P 500 Extends Best Month Since ’74, Euro Rises on Debt Accord   Click here ; Iran Rallies in Support of U.S. Protesters, Urges U.N. to Probe Police Response   Click here ;Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement   Click here ; GOP jobs plan: Rein in ‘rogue' NLRB   Click here ; UAW Not Welcome In The South   Click here ; College instructor fighting bacteria banned from McDonald's   Click here

October 26, 2011 - Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus   Click here ; White House Student Loan Measures Will Barely Dent Soaring Costs   Click here ; D.C. occupiers convene, plot to stay the winter   Click here ; ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement   Click here ; Perry aide says yes to Mich. debate, but maybe not beyond   Click here ; Worst California biker feud in decade erupted at Starbucks   Click here

October 25, 2011 - Consumer confidence tumbles, home prices stagnate   Click here ; Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll   Click here ; Perry embraces flat tax in sweeping economic blueprint   Click here ; Biden: ‘Nobody Can Look You in the Eye and Tell You ... Stimulus Did Not Create Jobs;’ Yes, at $412,500 Per Job   Click here ; House votes to keep US airlines out of EU emissions control plan   Click here ; John Lennon's Tooth Expected to Fetch $16K at Auction   Click here

October 24, 2011 - Obama administration to offer home re-fi plan ‘regardless of how deeply underwater they are'   Click here ; Occupy Maine camp attacked with chemical bomb   Click here ; Americans who pay no income taxes, EITC edition   Click here ; Sharia: Obama-encouraged Libyan transitional council approves polygamy, bans banking interest   Click here ; Fareed Zakaria: Americans should give half of inheritance to government   Click here ; Authorities will visit sex offenders on Halloween  Click here

October 21, 2011 - All U.S. troops to leave Iraq by the end of 2011   Click here ; Biden’s absurd claims about rising rape and murder rates   Click here ; Democrats’ Next Jobs Message: Traffic, Potholes   Click here ; Report: Bachmann's New Hampshire staff resigns en masse   Click here ; For Perry, A Rapid Fundraising Rise -- and Fall   Click here ; Authorities arrest man for having sex in SC museum  Click here

October 20, 2011 - Gaddafi killed in hometown, Libya eyes future   Click here ;Iowa: Cain 28% Romney 21% Paul 10%   Click here ; Tennessee Becomes First State To Fight Terrorism Statewide   Click here ; Napolitano: DHS Authorizing Illegal Aliens to Work in U.S.   Click here ; Jesus at Occupy Wall Street: ‘I feel like I’ve been here before’   Click here ; Thief Uses Crane to Lift Jeep off Indiana Lot  Click here

October 19, 2011 - Grading the Desert Dust-Up   Click here ; Palin: Newt Won Vegas Face-Off, Would "Clobber" Obama In A Debate   Click here ; Gloom Grips Consumers, and It May Be About Home Prices   Click here ; Fear in Ala. towns over tough immigration law   Click here ; Keith Olbermann: Paid $10 Million to Lose Viewers   Click here ; Top Income in U.S. Is...Gasp!...Wash. D.C. Area  Click here

October 18, 2011 - Occupy the Tundra, Antarctica: Protests spread to 951 cities, thanks in part to viral photos online  Click here ; Wall St.: Dems can't have it both ways  Click here ; Extended Permit for Protestors Doesn't Allow Camping – Tents Okay but No Sleeping   Click here ; Latino leader threatens to leave GOP over Cain’s electrified border fence idea   Click here ; Report: Truck carrying Obama appearance equipment stolen in Va.   Click here ; Actress’ age rage at IMDb  Click here

October 17, 2011 - Communist, Nazi parties endorse ‘Occupy' protests  Click here ; As poll numbers slide, Obama embraces ‘Occupy' protests  Click here ; China: Occupy Wall Street's issues worth thought   Click here ; Rasmussen: Cain 43%, Obama 41%   Click here ; Paul to propose $1T in specific cuts   Click here ; ‘Sesame Street’ YouTube channel hacked; pornographic material replaces videos  Click here

October 14, 2011 - Mayor: Political Pressure Forced Brookfield to Back Down  Click here ; Starbucks coffee, chocolate threatened by climate change  Click here ; Treasury Officials' Testimony Fuels GOP Concerns Over Solyndra Loan Restructuring  Click here ; Shrink-Obama Suffers 'Father Hunger'   Click here; "Grenade-walking" part of "Fast & Furious" scandal   Click here ; 115-year-old electric car gets same 40 miles to the charge as Chevy Volt  Click here

October 13, 2011 - Bill introduced to strip citizenship of Americans supporting terror abroad  Click here ; Rasmussen: Cain, Romney tied; Gingrich distant third  Click here ; WSJ/NBC poll: Cain leads Romney by 4 points  Click here ; Al Gore backs Occupy Wall Street protests   Click here ; Are Celebrities Supporting Occupy Wall Street the Movement's Heroes, or Hypocrites?   Click here ; Tips on how to avoid getting trapped in a corn maze.  Really?  Click here

October 12, 2011 - GOP candidates go after Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan in debate  Click here ; Biden Warns of More Rapes and Murders If Jobs Bill Is Not Passed  Click here ; Wikileaks cable hints that Obama wanted to issue apology for Hiroshima   Click here ; Obama to push Congress on parts of jobs plan: Geithner   Click here ; Global warning: climate sceptics are winning the battle   Click here ; Police rescue couple with baby who couldn’t find way out of corn maze - Come on, man!  Click here

October 11, 2011 - Congressional Investigators to Subpoena Holder in Fast and Furious Probe  Click here ; Shocker: Obama’s Top Political Advisor Directly Linked to Occupy Wall Street Protests  Click here; ‘Occupy Boston’ Holds Rally for Accused Terrorist Charged with Planning ‘Violent Jihad’ Against U.S.  Click here ; Occupy Chicago Protestor Is Getting Paid $22-Hour Plus Overtime   Click here ; Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan-Break for the rich   Click here ; ‘Occupy’ crasher busted in grope   Click here

October 10, 2011 - 2nd straight NH poll indicates Cain on the rise  Click here ; Not even Steve Jobs could save Occupy Wall Street  Click here ; The Daily Caller visits Occupy Washington  Click here ; Report finds art funding serves wealthy audience, is out of touch with diversity   Click here ; Herman Cain on Iran: Would Tell Ahmadinejad to ‘Make my Day’  Click here ; Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules   Click here

October 7, 2011 - Poll: Cain surges, opens up 20-point lead on Romney  Click here ; FACT CHECK: Obama’s claim on Republicans and jobs bill not entirely right  Click here ; Job Creation Posts Jump, But Rate Still Steady at 9.1%   Click here ; Bloomberg accuses Wall St. protesters of trying to hurt NYC economy   Click here ; 'Occupy' protestors employ Steve Jobs' technology  Click here ; Obama's tale of Hub teacher’s job struggle stretches truth  Click here

October 6, 2011 - Obama to senators: Explain opposition to jobs bill  Click here ; Obama: Holder "Not Aware" Of What Was Happening With Fast And Furious  Click here ; Republicans Say Holder Received at Least 5 Fast and Furious Memos   Click here ; 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Turn Violent When Demonstrators Clash With Police   Click here ; Obama: Occupy Wall Street protests show Americans' frustration  Click here ; ESPN ditches Hank Williams Jr. over Obama-Hitler comments  Click here

October 5, 2011 - Senate Dems propose millionaire tax  Click here ; Issa to Holder: Admit you knew  Click here ; Congressman: Obama admin may be accessory to murder with ‘Fast and Furious'   Click here ; Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides in new CBS News poll  Click here; ‘Occupy Colleges’ movement urges students to walk out of class  Click here ; The city’s new psychosis: Gluten!  Click here

October 4, 2011 - Memo: Holder told of ‘Fast and Furious’ as early as July 2010  Click here ; Durbin to Bank of America Customers: ‘Get the Heck Out of That Bank’  Click here ; Christie clear: It's a no   Click here ; Boehner: ‘Dangerous’ for Congress to punish China over currency value  Click here; ‘Green jobs' farm in Colorado sheds jobs after receiving $200M in stimulus funds  Click here ; Occupy Wall Street protesters are demanding… something  Click here

October 3, 2011 - Rick Perry’s hunting camp problem  Click here; ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ a primer  Click here ; Al-Awlaki’s killing seen as major blow   Click here ; BET's Robert Johnson To Obama: Stop Attacking The Wealthy  Click here ; Is the Chevy Volt a sales flop?  Click here ; Obama Fried Chicken: Chinese fast food  Click here




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