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July 2006


July 31, 2006 - Israel orders air war pause after raid kills many civilians   Click here ; Mass. Gov. Romney Apologizes for Remark   Click here ; Violence inhibits Katrina recovery   Click here ; Locking Up Illegal Aliens a Costly Proposition for States   Click here ; Curfew Takes Effect for Juveniles in D.C.   Click here ; Drink-driving Gibson says sorry   Click here

July 28, 2006 - 'Hizbullah using UN post as a shield'   Click here ; Some cities see resurgent wave of street crime   Click here ; GOP to push immigration issue   Click here ; Chertoff hails end of let-go policy   Click here ; Wis. schools find corporate sponsors   Click here ; Police spies chosen to lead war protest   Click here

July 27, 2006 - Chicago Council OKs 'living wage'   Click here ; Democrats Lay Out 100-Day Strategy for Midterm Elections   Click here ; Dean Calls Iraqi PM an 'Anti-Semite'   Click here ; Senate set to take up Gulf Coast oil drilling   Click here ; Court ruling says city can't take property   Click here ; Sun kills 60,000 a year, says WHO   Click here

July 26, 2006 - Kofi Annan Could Have Ordered Peacekeepers to Leave   Click here ; Senate passes bill to criminalize help in minors' abortions   Click here ; Steele Admits He Criticized GOP in Interview   Click here ; House vote vowed on minimum wage   Click here ; Glaxo has bird flu 'breakthrough'   Click here ; Central Valley housing boom plays role in the big heat, experts say   Click here

July 25, 2006 - Poll: Most fault Hezbollah, fear U.S. will be pulled in   Click here ; Democrats hone centrist message   Click here ; Democrats' Plan Focuses on Middle Class   Click here ; Growing Coalition Opposes Drilling   Click here ; Flap over a San Diego cross wends its way to high court   Click here ; Tancredo joins in asking for probe of gas royalties   Click here

July 24, 2006 - Europe Won't Call Hizballah Terrorists   Click here ; Conflicts hang over peace camps for youths   Click here ; Democrats pledge to fight Bolton nod   Click here ; Temple looks right on academic rights   Click here ; Picture this: A sneakier kind of spam   Click here ; Hillary Spending Big Bucks on Hair   Click here

July 21, 2006 - Parent-notification bill pushed in Senate   Click here ; Israel set war plan more than a year ago   Click here ; N.C. Law Banning Cohabitation Struck Down   Click here ; Border fence cited as deterrent to crime   Click here ; Texas farmers furious over superhighway   Click here ; Woodpecker Halts Ark. Irrigation Project   Click here

July 20, 2006 - 'You Don't Speak for Me,' Legal Hispanic Immigrants Shout   Click here ; Immigrant Supporters Rally in Chicago   Click here ; Immigration issue takes flight   Click here ; Dick Gregory Blasts 'Insane, Racist System' in America   Click here ; Report Finds Drug Errors Hurt 1.5 Million   Click here ; China's Karaoke Police Have a Request: Do It Mao's Way   Click here

July 19, 2006 - Hizballah Attacks Holy City of Nazareth   Click here ; HEZBOLLAH IS TARGETING U.S.   Click here ; Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy   Click here ; San Francisco OKs Universal Health Plan   Click here ; Mo. Must Allow Inmates to Have Abortions   Click here ; GAO: TV, iPods part of post-Katrina waste   Click here

July 18, 2006 - Media blamed over Islam's image   Click here ; 3 arrested in Katrina hospital deaths   Click here ; NYC Moves to Break Up Homeless Encampments   Click here ; NAACP Calls For Selective Spending to Prod Stores   Click here ; Song blamed for shootings   Click here ; Early deaths tied to lack of grocery stores   Click here

July 17, 2006 - Bush expresses frustration over Middle East   Click here ; American Jews mobilize for Israel   Click here ; A Third World War   Click here ; N.C. Guard troops prepare for border patrol in Arizona   Click here ; Oil Prices Fall Amid Violence in Mideast   Click here ; Australians upset over loud Manilow music   Click here

July 14, 2006 - 'It's War,' Israelis Say   Click here ; Police say gays accused of slurs   Click here ; Target may close stores if city OKs wage rules   Click here ; Voters to decide on gay marriage amendment, high court decides   Click here ; Central Fla. city's immigrant crackdown could stop Wal-Mart   Click here ; Al-Qaida American was poster boy for USC Muslim Student Association   Click here

July 13, 2006 - Iran, Syria Used Hizballah As Proxy to Attack Israel, Analysts Say   Click here ; Oil hits new high over $76 amid renewed violence   Click here ; Public a no-show at curfew hearing   Click here ; Beyond the Poll Numbers, Voter Doubts About Clinton   Click here ; San Diego Bans Smoking at Beaches, Parks   Click here ; Smoking bans may have no borders   Click here

July 12, 2006 - 'No EU in U.S.'   Click here ; Nation's Capital Declares Crime Emergency   Click here ; Bush urges Congress to ratify military tribunals   Click here ; In L.A., Rove woos Latinos   Click here ; NEA Official Denies Support for Homosexual Marriage   Click here ; Springer: U.S. growing more liberal   Click here

July 11, 2006 - Illegal Immigration Bills Passed in Colo.   Click here ; Senate bill may restrict police   Click here ; Court: Illinois U. Must Reinstate Group   Click here ; Six-Figure Fines For Four-Letter Words Worry Broadcasters   Click here ; Gays, conservatives clash in Orlando over fair-housing law   Click here ; Brokaw brings home global warming fight   Click here

July 10, 2006 - Supreme Court Extends Stay in San Diego Cross Case   Click here ; Ga. Appeals Restraining Order on Voter IDs   Click here ; Well-Paid Benefit Most As Economy Flourishes   Click here ; Republican lawmakers cite shells as WMD proof   Click here ; Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum   Click here ; Portman expects decrease in deficit   Click here

July 7, 2006 - FBI Busts 'Real Deal' NYC Terror Plot Aimed At Underground Trains   Click here ; N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii - report   Click here ; After Missiles, Calls Go Out   Click here ; 43 leaders oppose 'amnesty' candidates   Click here ; Death sentence for not praying   Click here ; Merriam-Webster unveils new dictionary entries   Click here

July 6, 2006 - North Korea Has Three to Five More Missiles on Launch Pads   Click here ; Immigration the Hot Campaign Issue Across America   Click here ; Georgia's top court reinstates gay marriage ban   Click here ; Oil Prices Hit Record High   Click here ; Texas asks La. to issue warrants for felons who fled Katrina   Click here ; Study: Fat people not more jolly   Click here

July 5, 2006 - Outcry over N Korea missile test   Click here ; N. Korea Launch Sparks Condemnation   Click here ; Iran defiant on nuclear deadline   Click here ; Mexican left demands vote recount   Click here ; Lieberman prepares run as independent   Click here ; AIDS Speaker Charged With Faking Illness, Defrauding State   Click here




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