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September 2005


September 30, 2005 - Congressman Calls for Suspension of Talk Show Host over 'Black Baby' Abortion Comment   Click here ; SEC Opens Full Probe Into Frist Stock Sale   Click here ; Groups, lawmakers back end to birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants   Click here ; Study Sees Minimal Economic Impact from Katrina, Rita Click here ; Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill   Click here ; Dutch 'marriage': 1 man, 2 women   Click here

September 29, 2005 - Black Voter Suppression Blamed for Weak Katrina Response   Click here ; Gov. Blanco gets no Katrina questions   Click here ; DeLay: Newspaper Pressured Prosecutor   Click here ; Wis. Bans Human Cloning, Gov. Vows Veto Click here ; Roberts to be confirmed as chief justice   Click here ; An Islamic guide on how to beat your wife   Click here

September 28, 2005 - Illegal immigration on the rise despite tighter border security   Click here ; Ex-FEMA chief blames locals   Click here ; Hurricanes' aftermath whips up new deal for president   Click here ; Expect another big hit in October, forecasters say   Click here ; NBC Plans to Run Controversial NHL Ad   Click here; TV, changing standards make it tough for schools to define unacceptable profanity   Click here

September 27, 2005 - Frist Explains His Stock Trade As Opponents Pounce   Click here ; Frist says he had no inside HCA info   Click here ; Opening arguments are heard in Pa. 'intelligent design' case   Click here; Zarqawi's number two 'shot dead'  Click here ; Bush hints 'diversity' will guide next pick   Click here ; Denver Adopts Plan to End Homelessness  Click here

September 26, 2005 - Gulf Coast Emerges After Battering by Rita   Click here ; Rita's Destruction Falls Short of Fears   Click here ; Florida's 'Force with force' law sparks tourist warning   Click here ; Evolution Debate Heads to Pa. Court   Click here ; U.S. Crime Rate Holds at 30 -Year Low   Click here ; 1 VU player shot, 2 hurt in scuffle at dorm party   Click here

September 23, 2005 - Rita Turns Right, Away From Galveston   Click here ; For motorists, all roads lead to frustration   Click here ; Antiwar activists split on withdrawal   Click here ; Bush: No leaving Iraq   Click here ; GOP Congressman Says Bush No Reagan Conservative   Click here ; Rewrite of Endangered Species Law Approved   Click here

September 22, 2005 - Rita Could Be Strongest Storm To Hit Texas   Click here ; Refineries in Texas brace for hurricane   Click here ; Donations Found at La. Official's Home   Click here ; Feds try to prevent fraud as cash, contractors roll in   Click here ; Republicans offer spending cuts   Click here ; Airliner fakes emergency so passengers can watch soccer game   Click here

September 21, 2005 - Anglican Bishops Want Christians to Apologize to Muslims for Iraq   Click here ; U.N. Report Warns of More Terrorists   Click here ; GOP to unveil $500 billion savings plan   Click here ; Bush to press lawmakers for guest-worker program   Click here ; Woman at center of eminent domain case makes appeal   Click here; To keep its flavor, town may ban 'formula' eateries   Click here

September 20, 2005 - Advancing storm shoves crude costs up again   Click here ; Galveston Calls for Voluntary Evacuation   Click here ; Kerry Accuses Bush of Leading 'Katrina Administration'   Click here ; FEC Sues GOP 527 Group   Click here ; Wilder denies pushing family land for plant   Click here ; Officials warn of catastrophic flu pandemic   Click here

September 19, 2005 - Plan to Reopen New Orleans Draws Criticism   Click here ; Military's role in disasters reconsidered   Click here ; Kuwait offers to build first refinery in U.S. in 30 years   Click here ; ANWR Protest: 'Don't Drill, Storm Capitol Hill'   Click here ; Metro sees homicides surge after low in '04   Click here ; Husband to publish book on Schiavo case   Click here

September 16, 2005 - Dems Carp, While Bush Promises Massive Federal $upport   Click here ; Storm-relief money spent at strip clubs   Click here ; Tech official resigns over slur, school says   Click here ; Parish prez fabricates claim about feds leaving coworker's mom to die   Click here ; Weldon: 9/11 Panel Is Denying the Facts   Click here ; Cover-up charged over Able Danger   Click here

September 15, 2005 - Voters demand fiscal restraint, Metro says   Click here ; House Adds Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation to 'Hate Crimes' Measure   Click here ; House Republicans say sticking to tax cut plans   Click here ; Russia's Loose Nukes Said to Pose 'Catastrophic Threat' to US   Click here ; County judge reverses Tempe condemnation   Click here ; Australia Deports American Peace 'Hippy'   Click here

September 14, 2005 - Sales tax hike defeated   Click here ; Lawmaker Blasted as 'Islamophobic' for Criticizing Memorial Design   Click here ; 9/11 Panel Says U.S. Hasn't Enacted Crucial Reforms   Click here ; La. Deaths at 423; Facility Owners Charged   Click here ; Teacher suspended after affair claim   Click here; University axes 'Professor Sex'   Click here

September 13, 2005 - Voters decide today on sales tax   Click here ; Bush's Approval Rating Drops To New Low in Wake of Storm   Click here ; Court: Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Workers' Compensation   Click here ; France Pushes Air Passenger Tax to Aid Poor Nations   Click here ; Company admits slave history   Click here ; Dissident: Beijing planning nuclear war   Click here

September 12, 2005 - Some say Congress is going too far on aid   Click here ; Obama: Ignorance of inner city life partly at fault   Click here ; Roberts has momentum as hearings begin   Click here; Panel chief: Roe vs. Wade not on table   Click here ; Gun Show Owner, Patrons May File Civil Rights Suit   Click here ; ABC airs videotape of terrorist threat against America   Click here

September 7, 2005 - Tennessee embraces weary, homeless Katrina evacuees   Click here ; Louisiana Officials Could Lose the Katrina Blame Game   Click here ; New Orleans Mayor Orders Forced Evacuation   Click here ; Democrats shift strategy on Roberts; plan to play Katrina card  Click here ; Santorum: Penalize Those Who Don't Evacuate   Click here ; Mayor slams Blanco for stalling   Click here

September 6, 2005 - Under fire, president attempts to regain sense of equilibrium Click here ; FEMA Director Singled Out by Response Critics  Click here ; AFL-CIO Chief Criticizes Storm Response   Click here ; Waves of evacuees swamp host cities   Click here ; Observances Begin Today at High Court   Click here ; John Roberts' Critics Outraged All Over Again   Click here

September 1, 2005 - Looting Has Its Roots in the Chaos Of Catastrophe   Click here ; Gas prices exceed $3; US to tap oil reserves   Click here ; Ouch! $6 gas near Atlanta   Click here ; SUV (Simply Unsellable Vehicle) BLUES   Click here ; Indian logo ban appealed   Click here


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