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August 2005


August 30, 2005 - Storm kills at least 55  Click here ; Bush Pledges Full Support for Recovery   Click here ; Bush enters immigration debate   Click here ; Anti-War Group Suspects it May be Victim of 'Infiltrators'   Click here ; Air Force guidelines on religion encourage sensitivity   Click here ; France plans levy on airline tickets to finance global fight on poverty  Click here

August 29, 2005 - Superdome Shelters 35,000 From Hurricane   Click here ; Hurricane Could Leave 1 Million Homeless  Click here ; Storm chokes off Gulf oil operations   Click here ; Venezuela's Chavez Gets Support of Rev. Jackson  Click here ; Purcell's tax break for seniors raises legal questions   Click here ; Opposing groups ready for estate tax fight   Click here

August 26, 2005 - Administration Defends Opposition to Early Iraq Departure   Click here ; CIA Panel: 9/11 Failure Warrants Action  Click here ; Casey in heaven 'calls Bush idiot'  Click here ; Attorney general wants Wilson to snuff out concert plug for tobacco   Click here ; Network's Former Chairman Is Missing Click here ; Sniper Goes on Hunger Strike   Click here

August 25, 2005 - Suicide bomb suspect tried to enter USA   Click here ; Communities Help Build Homes for Wounded Iraq War Vets  Click here ; Two Key Bases Spared, Others Nixed   Click here ; Sheehan Returns to Crawford Protest   Click here ; Pro-war kin take down crosses at Sheehan site Click here ; Federal Judge OKs Global Warming Lawsuit  Click here

August 24, 2005 - Liberal Group Calls on ABC Family to Cancel '700 Club'   Click here ; Bush: Pullout Would Hurt Iraq's Democracy  Click here ; City adopts resolution to keep Minutemen out   Click here ; Immigrant cases in U.S. courts jump 65%   Click here ; Gov't Proposes New Fuel Standards for SUVs Click here ; Experts: Rising gas prices spur increase in thefts, violence   Click here

August 23, 2005 - July 7 Bombers Tied To Al Qaeda   Click here ; Al-Zarqawi group claims attack on U.S. ship  Click here ; CAIR Hails Firing of Michael Graham   Click here ; ATF, Virginia Police Accused of 'Persecuting' Gun Shows   Click here ; Feds Warn That Terrorists May Pose as Homeless Click here ; Inside 9/11  Click here

August 22, 2005 - Quietly, tax fans and foes make their pitches   Click here ; Drumbeat grows louder for fuel efficiency  Click here ; Backlash Against Cindy Sheehan Gains Momentum   Click here ; Al-Qaida's nuclear efforts: 'sophisticated, professional'  Click here ; Russia says terrorists pursuing nukes Click here ; People who don't live in Nashville tell pollster they'd like to   Click here

August 19, 2005 - Jordan missile attack on US ship   Click here ; Austin prohibits Walgreens from refusing to fill prescriptions   Click here ; Politicians Have Little to Offer To Ease Anguish of Gas Prices   Click here ; Day Labor Center Faces a Fight From Loudoun Officials  Click here ; Center staff won't check legal status of laborers  Click here ; Police officer allegedly ordered women to 'flash me'   Click here

August 18, 2005 - Documents Show State Department Warned Clinton About Bin Laden   Click here ; Mexico funds staging areas for illegals  Click here ; Hold the Health, Serve That Burger   Click here ; N.C. Law Encourages Guns for Victims   Click here ; Christian Video Games Offer Wholesome Action  Click here ; Woman Gets Cable Bill With Derogatory Name   Click here

August 17, 2005 - Cindy Sheehan Complains About Right-Wingers 'Spewing Filth' Click here; Fine for Hiring Illegal Aliens Should Be $10k, Republican Says Click here; Poll finds Hispanics split on illegals, immigration  Click here; Atlanta votes to ban begging  Click here:

August 16, 2005 - Iraqis defer deadline for constitution  Click here ; Husband of 'Peace Mom' Files for Divorce   Click here ; US bid to keep tabs on tuition irks colleges   Click here ; High gas prices widen divide between rich and poor   Click here ; 'No-fly list' grounds some unusual young suspects  Click here ; Large condoms for S African men   Click here

August 15, 2005 - DeLay slams court activism as 'autocracy'  Click here ; Are Half of All Americans Mentally Ill?   Click here ; Mom's Protest Riles Gun-Toting Neighbor   Click here ; Bush Approval a Low for Recent 2-Termers   Click here ; Harvard Jumps Into Evolution Debate   Click here ; Iraq officials vow constitution today   Click here

August 12, 2005 - State's Hispanic population up 35% since 2000   Click here ; Ex-teacher admits sex with boy, goes to jail   Click here ; Warning: 9-11-05 attacks seen for N.Y., L.A., Chicago   Click here ; Britain Bars Radical Cleric From Returning   Click here ; Va. Judge Says Parts of DWI Laws Illegal   Click here ; 'More heads rolling' in Air America scam  Click here

August 11, 2005 - 9/11 Report Missed Key Facts; 'Huge Deal,' Lawmaker Says   Click here ; Church Desecration Video Serves as Jihad Fund-Raiser   Click here ; Belafonte's Retraction of Remarks on Jews Causes New Flap   Click here ; Fugitive couple captured in Ohio   Click here ; Legal challenge to Arizona law on illegals dismissed   Click here ; Bush defends bill for highway system   Click here

August 10, 2005 - Woman kills prison guard, frees spouse, officers say   Click here ; Bredesen says 97,000 can stay on TennCare   Click here ; Poll shows fewer Americans expect bin Laden to be caught   Click here ; U.S. seeks to let air passengers keep shoes on  Click here ; Court asked to evict church from school  Click here ; Bush 'evil bastard on billboard spots   Click here

August 9, 2005 - Entertainers Urged to Apologize for Nazi Comparisons   Click here ; Bush administration sides with NH in parental notification legal battle   Click here ; Bill seeks to restrict eminent domain   Click here ; President's comments embolden anti-evolutionists   Click here ; Oil-Food Official Pleads Guilty   Click here ; Gasoline Price Hits Record $2.37   Click here

August 8, 2005 - ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67   Click here ; Harry Belafonte Calls Black Republicans 'Tyrants'   Click here ; Bush, GOP Labeled 'Thieves' Who 'Need to be Locked Up'   Click here ; Why suicide attackers haven't hit U.S. again   Click here ; Justice Stevens criticizes capital punishment   Click here ; Detainees under Harry Potter's spell   Click here

August 5, 2005 - Americans didn't flock to Canada after Bush win   Click here ; Iraqi women urge U.S. to protect their rights   Click here ; Charity 'Loans' to Air America Founder Investigated   Click here ; Oil-for-Food Probe To Accuse Director   Click here ; CNN Suspends Novak for Walking Off Set   Click here ; Jailed in Murders, Buried in Honor   Click here

August 4, 2005 - Police Chiefs Group Bolsters Policy on Suicide Bombers   Click here ; March arrested   Click here ; Court clarifies TennCare questions   Click here ; Couple charged with twice defrauding TennCare   Click here ; Doctor Claims RU-486 Can Cause Lethal Septic Shock   Click here ; South Korean Stem Cell Pioneer Clones Dog  Click here

August 3, 2005 - Group Applauds Bush, G8 on 'Global Warming'   Click here ; GOP's Schmidt Wins Ohio Special Election   Click here ; Roberts tells senators he would respect precedent   Click here ; Documents reveal Roberts' wealth, philosophy   Click here ; Bush Remarks On 'Intelligent Design' Theory Fuel Debate   Click here ; States move to protect property   Click here

August 2, 2005 - After bruising battle, Bush set to sign CAFTA   Click here ; Terminally Ill Can Be Starved to Death, UK Court Rules   Click here ; Toad case may reveal Roberts' philosophy   Click here ; Calif. court rules clubs must extend benefits to gay couples   Click here ; Fuel Thefts On The Rise   Click here ; Cow Air Pollution Debate Is Back   Click here

August 1, 2005 - Jesse Jackson: Dems Plagued by 'Weak, Fuzzy Ideology'   Click here ; Fears Over Third Attack   Click here ; 7 more arrested in Britain   Click here ; Chertoff warns of nuclear terror   Click here ; Iraqi Constitution to Be Drafted by Deadline   Click here ; Helen Thomas miffed over suicide quote   Click here


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