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March 2005


March 31, 2005 - Terri's Death Called 'Sad Day' for the Nation  Click here ; Schindler Supporters React to Terri Schiavo's Death  Click here ; Planned Parenthood Thanks Anti-Terri Voters  Click here ; Dean: We're Targeting Santorum  Click here

March 30, 2005 - Federal Appeals Court OKs Schiavo Review   Click here ; Doubts Raised On Schiavo Memo   Click here ; Vatican says pope given feeding tube   Click here ; Legislative flurry targets benefits for immigrants   Click here; Study highlights global decline   Click here ; Ex-Scout Leader Faces Child Porn Charges   Click here

March 29, 2005 - Tribal Leader's Son Arrested in Red Lake School Shooting   Click here ; Schiavo's Husband and Parents Now Battling Over Autopsy Plan   Click here ; Michael Schiavo ordering autopsy   Click here; Tancredo considers White House bid   Click here ; Mother Sues Cereal Makers for Sugar Claims  Click here ; University of Georgia to Alter Mural   Click here

March 28, 2005 - Backers of Schiavo's parents head to Washington   Click here ; Schiavo seen as past 'point of no return'   Click here ; Fear Of U.S. Plot Spreads Measles   Click here ; Pentagon begins to see Iraq momentum shift  Click here ; Wolfowitz 'to focus on poverty'  Click here ; Rights of Foreigners on Death Row Examined   Click here

March 23, 2005 - Federal Appeals Court Panel Rules Against Terri's Parents   Click here ; Case gains media momentum, especially throughout Europe   Click here ; Rights groups for disabled join in fight   Click here ; Black coalition 'codifies' values  Click here ; Mexican State Issues 'How To' on Border Jumping   Click here ; "Kill list" at school targets blacks   Click here

March 22, 2005 - Judge Rules Against Terri's Parents   Click here ; ABC News deceptive in Terri Schiavo poll?   Click here ; Doctor: Terri Can Recover   Click here ; Mother charged with neglecting infant son with digestive condition   Click here ; Teen's Rampage Leaves 10 Dead in Minn.   Click here ; Hillary bill: Just show up and vote   Click here

March 21, 2005 - President Signs Law for Federal Review of Schiavo Case   Click here ; N.Y. Times: Starvation Death Not Painful   Click here ; Attorney: Terri cried at news   Click here ; Frist Threatens Jail for Terri Judge  Click here ; ACLU to keep tabs on protest   Click here ; All opposition, no ideas cast Democrats in poor light   Click here

March 18, 2005 - House Leaders Offer Last-Minute Rescue Plan for Terri   Click here ; Fla. Lawmakers Battle in Right-To-Die Case   Click here ; Selig defends MLB drug policy   Click here ; Confidence low for lawyers, press   Click here ; Kan. Senate Rejects Proposal to Cut Viagra   Click here ; Muslims Settle 'Prayer in the Workplace' Dispute   Click here

March 17, 2005 - House Passes Bill to Save Terri Schindler Schiavo   Click here ; Senate votes to allow Arctic oil exploration   Click here ; Frist pledges to protect Boy Scouts  Click here ; Legality of Leftist Funding of Anti-War Protests Questioned   Click here ; Democrats Force Social Security Vote   Click here ; Will illegals get Social Security?   Click here

March 16, 2005 -  Senate Work May Come to Halt If GOP Bars Judicial Filibusters   Click here ; NYC Law on Equal Benefits Struck Down   Click here ; U. of Illinois Trustees Sued Over Mascot  Click here ; Social Security poll heartens Bush   Click here ; Summers gets vote of no confidence   Click here ; Member of Civil Rights Panel Quits, Says It Should Be Closed   Click here

March 15, 2005 - Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution' Theory   Click here ; Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage   Click here ; Study: Press Went Easy on Kerry  Click here ; Senators charges low progress on border security  Click here; Teen wins lawsuit about dress code   Click here ; Family Says Atlanta Hostage Changing Life   Click here

March 14, 2005 - WashPost editor's candid China interview   Click here ; China Puts Threat to Taiwan Into Law   Click here ; Air pollution from other countries drifts into USA   Click here ; Schiavo's husband says no to $1 million   Click here ; Israel Plans Strike on Iran Nuke Plant   Click here ; U.N. reaches out to win back middle America   Click here

March 11, 2005 -  Bush Changes Social Security Reform Pitch   Click here ; Bad advice to Bush blamed for Social Security struggle   Click here ; Senators May Block Social Security Vote   Click here ; Forbes rich list at record levels   Click here ; Judge Nixes Schiavo Intervention by Agency   Click here ; Bill requires IDs to pick up kids at school   Click here

March 10, 2005 - Mainline churches bash Bush budget   Click here ; U.N. must accept Hezbollah, Annan says   Click here ; Probe: Leaders Didn't Order Prison Abuse   Click here ; Sex Ed Revisions Blasted for Alleged Pro-Homosexual Bias  Click here ; San Diego to Move Giant Cross   Click here ; White House Blogger is Liberal Political Net Consultant   Click here

March 9, 2005 - Graham Says GOP Erred By Focusing on Accounts   Click here ; Beware of Back-Door Gun Registration Scheme, Group Says   Click here ; Utah Bill Signed, Illegals Lose Licenses   Click here ; Tsunami Aid Changed Some Muslims' Attitudes Towards US   Click here ; Colorado to dump Christian prof   Click here ; Yearbook Gun-Photo Trial Starts in N.H.  Click here

March 8, 2005 - Sen. Bennett Floats Social Security Benefit Cut Plan   Click here ; Mexico seeks protection for illegals   Click here ; Court backs immigrants in job lawsuit   Click here ; Fla. Right-To-Die Case Back in State Court  Click here ; Screener pushed aside suspicions on Sept. 11   Click here ; Snow: Bono Could Head World Bank   Click here

March 7, 2005 - Senator to Propose Raising Retirement Age   Click here ; Changes in Mideast blunt Bush's critics   Click here ; Big changes have Arabs wondering what's next   Click here ; Schoolyard bullies get nastier online   Click here ; Web News Grows, Papers Spiral Down  Click here ; Civil Rights Kin: Dean Should Resign  Click here

March 4, 2005 - U.S. vision for Mideast suddenly in greater focus   Click here ; Time to Change Tax Code Again, Greenspan Says   Click here ; Byrd Denies Comparing Republicans to Nazis   Click here ; FEC to extend campaign-finance to Web   Click here ; Democrats Want to Ban 'Cop-Killer' Gun   Click here ; Town hall focuses on efforts to address allegations against polygamists  Click here

March 3, 2005 - B.C. not P.C. for students   Click here ; China deports U.S. church leaders   Click here ; Metro Nashville among biggest losers in sales-tax redistribution   Click here ; Pinkett Smith's Remarks Debated at Harvard  Click here ; Justices reluctant to take hard line on Commandments   Click here ; GOP Careful in Byrd Blast  Click here

March 2, 2005 - Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Ten Commandments Cases   Click here ; Social Security Vote May Be Delayed   Click here ; Iran rejects UN agency's request to inspect military base   Click here ; Sandy Berger Critical of Bush Security Policy   Click here ; Cancellation of Moore speech costs college an academic honor   Click here ; 'Poster Mom' for Gun Control Arrested on Gun Charges   Click here

March 1, 2005 - Terri Schiavo's Parents Seek Divorce on Her Behalf   Click here ; Zarqawi 'urged to attack the US'   Click here ; Social Security plan support drops   Click here ; Black groups hesitant about Bush proposal   Click here; Court to hear Commandments cases  Click here ; TSA Bans Lighters on Airplanes   Click here


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