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September 2009



September 30, 2009 - President and First Lady Travel 4,000 Miles -- on Separate Planes -- to Lobby for Olympics  Click here ; More thorny challenges ahead for health overhaul  Click here ; Don’t rush Afghan decision, Kerry cautions president  Click here ; Saudi Arabia-based charities still funding terrorists, GAO says  Click here ; Diplomat Says U.S. Open to Dialogue With North Korea  Click here ; Woman is stopped at Eagles game for anti-Vick tee-shirt  Click here

September 29, 2009 - Age and higher premiums go together: Is it fair?  Click here ; Public plan debate could pit Democrat vs. Democrat  Click here ; Health workers being forced to get flu shots  Click here ; Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Falls in September  Click here ; EPA suggests testing for PCBs  Click here ; 'Night-texting' taking its toll on N.J. teens - Please  Click here

September 28, 2009 - Liberals seek health-care access for illegals  Click here ; Support for Health Care Plan Hits New Low  Click here ; Iran tests most advanced missiles  Click here ; Climate-Change Study Cites Role of Ancient Farming  Click here ; Bill Clinton Revives 'Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy'  Click here ; Roman Polanski finally nabbed  Click here

September 25, 2009 - Report: U.S. Says Iran Has Secret Nuclear Facility  Click here ; In Poll, Public Wary of Obama on War and Health  Click here ; Medical gear makers howl at push for tax  Click here ; Kerry asks $20m for Kennedy institute  Click here ; Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising  Click here ; Cabbies ask for fare hike, $50 clean-up fee for vomit  Click here

September 24, 2009 - Obama's Policies Would Redistribute Nearly $1 Trillion in Wealth Every Year  Click here ; New UN resolution aims at nuclear-free world  Click here ; Critics Assail Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar, Say He's Wrong Man for the Job  Click here ; House Republicans Believe National Endowment for the Arts Acted Unlawfully to Promote Obama's Agenda, Seek Probe  Click here ; Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border  Click here ; Senate rejects wildfire funds for D.C. parks  Click here

September 23, 2009 - Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals  Click here ; Reid Threatens 'Nuclear Option' to Pass Health Care Reform as Panel Starts Work  Click here ; Poll: Americans Angry at Feds  Click here ; 'Diversity czar' takes heat over remarks  Click here ; More employers looking at their roles in obesity  Click here ; Wild Colorado weather keeps foothills in white, forecasters in dark  Click here

September 22, 2009 - Steven Chu: Americans Are Like ‘Teenage Kids’ When It Comes to Energy  Click here ; Obama Says U.S. 'Determined' to Combat Climate Change, Despite Senate Delay  Click here ; GOP lawmakers seek generals to lobby for Afghan war  Click here ; FOX News Poll: Americans Divided on Afghan War Effort  Click here ; Census: 76% marry just once; new count for same-sex couples  Click here ; People with 'no religion' gain on major denominations  Click here

September 21, 2009 - Stimulus spending sags after deadline rush  Click here ; Green groups open 'climate war room'  Click here ; Is Lieberman at it again?  Click here ; Broward County targets smokers with new fee  Click here ; FBI describes bomb plot involving terrorist suspect Zazi  Click here ; Kids as young as age 10 can be registered as sex offenders, a label lasting a decade  Click here

September 11, 2009 - Eight Years After Terror Attacks, Threat Remains Real and Evolving  Click here ; Obama’s Speech Prompts Ten Questions from Republicans  Click here ; Federal deficit hits $1.38T through August  Click here ; Pelosi: We'll ‘Squeeze’ Medicare to Pay for Health Care Bill  Click here ; ACORN Fires More Officials for Helping 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' in Washington Office  Click here ; 'Guantánamo Swede' arrested in Pakistan  Click here

September 9, 2009 - Obama Pitched Universal Health Care to Students in Meeting Prior to His Speech on Education  Click here ; Public option splits House Democrats  Click here ; Emergency room 'safety net' unraveling  Click here ; Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent  Click here ; Court OKs barring religious tunes at graduation  Click here ; No flies on S.F.'s new composting law  Click here

September 8, 2009 - Prepared text of Obama's speech to school students  Click here ; Administration’s Suggestions for Teachers: Read Books about Obama, Post Obama Quotes on Classroom Walls  Click here ; Coal CEO blasts climate bill  Click here ; Defying Critics, Obama Names Another Czar After Resignation of Environmental Adviser  Click here ; Van Jones did not fill out White House questionnaire  Click here ; Immigration activists urge census boycott  Click here

September 4, 2009 - Majority of Americans Would Qualify for Federally Subsidized Health Insurance Under Health-Care Bill  Click here ; FACT CHECK: Biden overlooked stimulus problems  Click here ; Obama speech to students sparks new controversy  Click here ; U.S. Economy: Payroll Losses Slow, Unemployment Rate Climbs  Click here ; White House stands by 'truther' Van Jones  Click here ; 51% Say Congress is Too Liberal, 22% Say It’s Too Conservative  Click here

September 3, 2009 - Some object to Obama speech to students  Click here ; Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge, Study Finds  Click here ; Forest Service was warned on fire prevention  Click here ; Healthcare-reform opponent says bit-off finger could not be re-attached  Click here ; Internet addiction center opens in US  Click here ; Sentenced to death on the NHS  Click here

September 2, 2009 - Childhood Obesity Report Calls For Government Regulations to Limit Access to ‘Unhealthy’ Restaurant Chains  Click here ; Reid: Kennedy's Death Is 'Going to Help Us' in Health Care Debate  Click here ; Ford Surged as GM Swooned in August  Click here ; Under fire, President Obama shifts strategy  Click here ; Vast shift in bird species expected from warming  Click here ; Bank's thumbprint rule irks man born with no arms  Click here

September 1, 2009 - Sen. Grassley: No Public Option in Health Care Reform  Click here ; Study Raises Questions About Cost Savings From Preventive Care  Click here ; Cut Costs Without Rationing Care By Putting Patient Back In Charge  Click here ; President Obama to address all school children across the country  Click here ; Bipartisan plan would end ACORN electioneering  Click here ; Plastic bag ban tested on Outer Banks  Click here



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