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February 2009



February 27, 2009 - Obama Paving Way for Health Care Rationing, Say Budget Committee Republicans  Click here ; Citigroup reaches aid deal with government  Click here ; Dem backlash to Obama tax plan?   Click here ; Charity tax limits upset many   Click here ; Lead law puts thrift stores in lurch  Click here ; NAACP Launches Campaign Over NY Post Cartoon  Click here  

February 26, 2009 - Tax hike will fund health plan   Click here ; ACLU Signs Add to Washington State's Immigration Storm  Click here ; Homeland security: Help needed on U.S. border   Click here ; Bill to End Secret Ballots in Union Organizing Will Cost Blacks Their Jobs, Says Black Chamber of Commerce  Click here ; After sharp loss, GM says auditors are considering its survival  Click here ; Obama Budget Has Contingency for More Aid to Banks  Click here  

February 25, 2009 - Congress Should Cut Military Spending, Says Democrat Barney Frank  Click here ; Obama counting on cap-and-trade  Click here ; Tennessee may reject stimulus aid for jobless   Click here ; Gitmo in Conformity with Geneva Convention, Obama-Ordered Report Confirms  Click here ; Lawsuits challenge sanctuary policies  Click here ; Analysis: Giant home loans were still going strong in 2007  Click here  

February 24, 2009 - Governors Mixed on Accepting Strings Attached to Stimulus Funds  Click here ; Spending bill stuffed with earmarks  Click here ; U.S. May Set Greenhouse Gas Standard for Cars   Click here ; Case could bar coaches from praying with players  Click here ; U.S. Clears Path to Bank Takeovers  Click here ; FBI praises foreigners, disses U.S.  Click here  

February 23, 2009 - Massive Tax Increases Loom as Democrats Begin to Talk Fiscal Responsibility  Click here ; Obama to Convene Fiscal Summit at White House  Click here ; McConnell: Don't raise taxes on the wealthy   Click here ; Forget change: GOP eyes retro strategy  Click here ; Climate Fears Are Driving 'Ecomigration' Across Globe  Click here ; Octuplet mom and doctor benefited from alliance  Click here  

February 20, 2009 - Obama’s Transportation Secretary Eyes Mileage Tax on American Motorists  Click here ; Reid Pushing for Climate Change Bill  Click here ; Clyburn: Opposition to stimulus is slap in face to African-Americans   Click here ; NY Post Apologizes to Some Over Chimpanzee Cartoon  Click here ; States prepare to combat stimulus strings  Click here ; In Steep and Swift Fall, Dow Lands at 6-Year Low  Click here  

February 19, 2009 - NY Post Cartoon of Dead Chimpanzee Stirs Outrage  Click here ; Obama’s Plan Would Rescue 9 Million Homeowners for $75 Billion  Click here ; New Obama Bailout Will Reduce Principal Owed on Some Mortgages Click here ; Nationalization gains as an option  Click here; Reich's Call for Unionization is 'a 1930s Solution to a 2009 Problem,’ Economists Say  Click here ; ICE agent removes man, 31, during church service  Click here  

February 18, 2009 - Obama’s Stimulus Will Cause 'Lower Wages' for American Workers, Says Congressional Budget Office  Click here ; Obama Unveils $75 Billion Plan to Fight Home Foreclosures  Click here ; Greenspan backs bank nationalisation   Click here ; Perry: Texas may turn down billions   Click here ; ACORN demands an end to residents' evictions  Click here ; 'Syria building chemical weapons plant'  Click here  

February 17, 2009 - GM, Chrysler Finalize Plans To Restructure  Click here ; Unions, employers gearing up for card check battle  Click here ; Congress travels free on taxpayers' dime   Click here ; Ethanol mandate a flop   Click here ; Massachusetts May Consider A Mileage Charge for Motorists  Click here ; Kansas suspends income tax refunds  Click here  

February 16, 2009 - Obama plans to head west to sign stimulus bill  Click here ; Obama's next task: Tackling housing woes  Click here ; Barney Frank: $50 Billion to Help People Pay Their Mortgages May Not Be Enough  Click here ; White House Claims No Plans to Takeover Census, But Will ‘Consult’  Click here ; Obama to appoint panel for auto recovery  Click here ; Safe-driving fundraiser at martini bar irks police, MADD  Click here  

February 13, 2009 - House passes Obama's economic stimulus bill   Click here ; Democratic Senator Predicts None of His Colleagues 'Will Have the Chance' to Read Final Stimulus Bill Before Vote  Click here ; Home builders bummed by stimulus plans  Click here ; GOP seethes over Charlie Crist's stimulus-plan support  Click here ; GOP Calls Obama’s Census Plans Unconstitutional, an ‘Assault on Democracy’  Click here ; Microsoft bounty for worm creator  Click here  

February 12, 2009 - Stimulus tax break amounts to $8 per week   Click here ; U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Halt Six-Month Slide  Click here; Republicans support fast-acting tax relief, not Democrats’ boondoggle   Click here ; Final Stimulus Bill Creates Government Database that Will Hold Every American’s Personal Medical Records  Click here ; Acting FCC Chair Sees Government Role in Pushing ‘Media Diversity’  Click here ; Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs   Click here  

February 11, 2009 - Stimulus Bill Raises Concerns Over Government Rationing of Health Care   Click here ; World Stocks Fall on Skepticism Over U.S. Bank Plan  Click here ; States Counting on Stimulus Aid to Balance Budgets   Click here ; Obama stakes presidency on stimulus   Click here ; Obama Administration Delays Offshore Drilling   Click here ; Man runs out of gas after robbing gas station  Click here  

February 10, 2009 - Collins, Snowe, Specter Vote for Stimulus as Senate Approves $838 Billion Plan   Click here ; Sen. Specter Responds to Health Care Scare in Stimulus Bill  Click here ; Key differences between Senate bill and House bill   Click here ; New Bailout May Top $1.5 Trillion   Click here ; Detroit wants to thin the herd of dealers   Click here ; Octuplet mom on food stamps  Click here  

February 9, 2009 - U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs  Click here ; Arlen Specter: Why I Support the Stimulus   Click here ; Unregulated ‘Private Market … Caused a Lot of Problems,’ Says Financial Services Chair   Click here ; Newsweek: We Are All Socialists Now   Click here ; Areas of Kentucky dark 2 weeks after storm   Click here ; Cher: Republican Rule Almost ‘Killed Me’  Click here  

February 6, 2009 - Senate Moderates Negotiate Cuts to Economic Stimulus Bill  Click here ; Senate Budget Chairman, A Democrat, Says 20 Percent of Stimulus Should be Cut  Click here ; Sales of hybrid cars suffer in recession  Click here ; CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam   Click here ; Wall Street shrugs off January job losses of 598K  Click here ; Labor rat has his day in court, and wins   Click here  

February 5, 2009 - Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Conceded ‘Considerable Uncertainty’ About Stimulus Jobs Claims  Click here ; Snake Hints at Tropical Resilience to Warming  Click here ; Labor Secretary Pick's Husband Had Lien on Business for 16 Years of Unpaid Taxes  Click here ; Stimulus Bill Includes $150 Million for Honeybee Insurance   Click here ; RFK Jr.: Hog farmers worse than bin Laden  Click here ; Man with Klingon sword boldly goes on crime spree in Springs  Click here  

February 4, 2009 - Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus  Click here ; Boxer Says House Will ‘Follow the Science’ on Global Warming Legislation   Click here ; Obama: ‘I Screwed Up’ on Nominations  Click here ; Report finds green jobs not all good pay   Click here ; House Leaders Wary of CAIR After FBI Shuns Islamic Advocacy Group  Click here ; Obama backs down after EU complains about 'buy American' provision   Click here  

February 3, 2009 - Conservatives Wonder How $140 Billion in New School Spending Will Stimulate Jobs   Click here ; Public mixed on stimulus package   Click here ; Another One: Obama’s ‘Performance Czar’ Withdraws Nomination  Click here ; Gasoline prices rise on possibility of refinery strike   Click here ; Feds May Limit Executives’ Pay at Banks That Get Aid  Click here ; Pitch for adultery finds Houston market   Click here  

February 2, 2009 - GOP Leaders Doubt Stimulus Bill Will Pass Senate  Click here ; New GOP chair comes out swinging   Click here ; El Paso 'dialogue' on drugs leaves some speechless  Click here ; Unions Continue to Push Card Check Legislation; Senate Fate Uncertain   Click here ; Shooting death fuels debate over guns  Click here ; Tucson station: Porn clip interrupts Super Bowl  Click here  




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