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January 2006


January 31, 2005 - Alito Sworn In   Click here ; Gay Seminar Upsets Parents   Click here ; Iran warns West over nuclear row   Click here ; Ohio sheriff bills U.S. government for jailed illegals   Click here ; Immigration fuels housing battles   Click here ; Removal of illegal immigrants expands   Click here

January 30, 2005 - U.N. pushing to end nation-states   Click here ; Mexican immigration official arrested   Click here ; Mexican Police Arrest Four Illegal Iraqis   Click here ; New England Liberals Lead Charge Against Alito   Click here ; Obama criticizes party for strategy   Click here ; Hillary Clinton to star in PMS documentary?   Click here

January 27, 2005 - U.S. behind border skirmish, suggests top Mexican official   Click here ; Government targets small black church   Click here ; Kerry's Call for Filibuster Praised and Panned   Click here ; McCain, Coburn to force votes on pork spending   Click here ; Secondhand smoke declared air pollutant by Calif. panel   Click here ; City panel repeals ban on candy-flavored cigarettes   Click here

January 26, 2005 - Six indicted in alleged license scheme   Click here ; Ga. Lawmakers Approve Requiring Voter ID   Click here ; States weigh immigration controls   Click here ; Chicagoans flock to Wal-Mart jobs   Click here; BB&T opposes eminent domain   Click here ; Al Gore, Sundance's Leading Man   Click here

January 25, 2005 - Alito debate begins today in full Senate   Click here ; Men in Mexican Army Uniforms in Border Standoff   Click here ; NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers   Click here ; Saddam's atrocities exposed on video   Click here ; Activist Drops Reward for Info on Profs   Click here ; Animal rights group wants fishermen to be kind to fish   Click here

January 24, 2005 - Alito Is Expected to Clear Senate Judiciary Committee Today   Click here ; Bush hits foes who say spying broke the law   Click here ; IRS Targeting Poor, Says Group   Click here ; Court Opens Campaign Law to Challenges   Click here ; Bolivian Leader's Stance on Cocaine Leaves U.S. Cautious   Click here ; NBC pulls the plug on 'Book of Daniel'   Click here

January 23, 2005 - UF requirement for partner benefits: You must have sex   Click here ; Study Gives Snapshot of Day Laborers   Click here ; Ford Prepares For Job Cuts   Click here ; Group Seeks Souter Eviction As Protest   Click here ; Businesses worry over proposal to tax software   Click here ; Jesus Christ's existence going on trial this week   Click here

January 20, 2005 - US rebuffs Bin Laden 'truce call'   Click here ; Faster checks of fliers to start   Click here ; Administration Paper Defends Spy Program   Click here ; Border Patrol warned: Brace for violence  Click here ; Rev. Jackson Denies Threatening Minister   Click here ; Lesbian teacher rapist off hook - no jail time   Click here

January 19, 2005 - Ex-heads of EPA blast Bush on global warming   Click here ; American Muslim Group Seeks Release of Kidnapped Journalist   Click here ; Warrantless surveillance ‘inconsistent with law,' report says   Click here ; AFL-CIO to Take Maryland's 'Wal-Mart Health Plan' Across Nation  Click here ; "Radical" UCLA professors targeted by alumni group   Click here ; Ted Kennedy's secret love child a secret no more   Click here

January 18, 2005 - City one vote away from new ballpark   Click here ; Conservatives and Liberals Want Action on Surveillance Controversy   Click here ; Senate narrowly votes to void election that gave Ford victory   Click here ; Williamson schools reject switch to balanced calendar  Click here ; Calif. School Scraps 'Intelligent Design'   Click here ; New Orleans Mayor Apologizes for Remarks About God's Wrath   Click here

January 17, 2005 - Democrats Delay Vote on Alito Nomination   Click here ; New Orleans mayor says God mad at US   Click here ; Clinton Slams Bush, White House in Harlem   Click here ; Gore Likens Targets of Domestic Spying to MLK Jr.  Click here ; Europe urges emergency Iran talks   Click here ; School: Girl asked to leave for more than same-sex kiss   Click here

January 13, 2005 - Alito Confirmation Expected Amid Continuing Protest From Liberals   Click here ; RNC member calls for anti-illegals vote   Click here ; Blogger buys presidential candidate's call list   Click here ; Maryland Forces Wal-Mart to Pay More for Employees' Health Care  Click here ; Sarasota, Fla., the 'Meanest City' for homelessness   Click here ; Channel 4 pulls 'Book of Daniel'   Click here

January 12, 2005 - Democrats turn up heat against Alito   Click here ; Hill Weighs Curbs on Lobbying   Click here ; Immigrant tuition bill defeated   Click here ; Venezuela's leader offers home-heating aid for U.S. poor  Click here ; Bush reasserts 'right' to order wiretaps   Click here ; Democrat Congressman's ex-aide admits abetting bribery   Click here

January 11, 2005 - Al Qaeda Video is 'Green Light' for Attack, Analyst Warns   Click here ; Nominee speaks softly and sticks to the big picture in his responses   Click here ; Immigration vote stirs concern about Boehner   Click here ; Iran seen as moving toward nuclear weapons  Click here ; California high school sued over class discussing 'intelligent design'   Click here ; Airport screeners' strains, sprains highest among workers   Click here

January 10, 2005 - Website Labels Illegal Immigration Opponents 'Racists'   Click here ; Corruption big voting issue, poll shows   Click here ; Bolivian leader labels China 'ideological ally'   Click here ; Harry Belafonte Flirting With Treason, Black Conservative Says  Click here ; Ethics session opens today   Click here ; Calif. inmate says he's too old, ill to die   Click here

January 9, 2005 - Schumer warns of filibuster of Alito   Click here ; Rights Conference Focuses on Katrina   Click here ; 2-Cent Stamp Increase Is Only Temporary Fix for Postal Woes   Click here ; Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'  Click here ; Tire-slashing trial to begin   Click here ; Save money? Nah, just win the lottery: survey   Click here

January 6, 2005 - Miners' Notes Reveal Their Final Moments   Click here ; MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says   Click here ; After Abramoff, a GOP Scramble   Click here ; Robertson's Remarks on Israeli Leader Leave ADL Livid  Click here ; IBM to freeze pension program   Click here ; Mo. Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Cold Beer Sales   Click here

January 5, 2005 - Media misstep splashed across many front pages   Click here ; Va. City Suspends 'Family' Rule   Click here ; Thomas threatens lawsuit against Spanish-language courts   Click here ; Anyone can buy cell records  Click here ; Sounds will field public questions   Click here ; Son killed 'for not changing to Islam'   Click here

January 4, 2005 - Trapped Miners Alive! Wait, Not So . . .  Click here ; Key Events in the W.Va. Mine Explosion   Click here ; Media Reports Miracle Mine Rescue -- Then Carries the Tragic Truth   Click here ; Fatal shooting of Mexican by agent at border probed  Click here ; Bush could bypass new torture ban   Click here ; Lynn Swann: Next GOP Gov. of Pa.?   Click here

January 3, 2005 - Political Splits on Immigration Reflect Voters' Ambivalence   Click here ; Illegals threaten closure of emergency rooms   Click here ;

Rival factions begin 'serious push' on Alito   Click here ; Graffiti-like ads drawing protests in Philadelphia  Click here ; Canada struggles to deal with increasing gun-related violence   Click here ; The hunt for terror nukes   Click here

January 2, 2005 - Border crackdown reporting success   Click here ; Big freeze to sweep over China   Click here ; Expansion Is Set to Continue   Click here ; Pa. anthropologist studied graves to build case against Saddam  Click here ; Kerry positioned for '08 White House bid   Click here ; Survey Tracks 2005's Most Annoying Phrases  Click here




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